Mead Bar featuring Arcanum (Kayabacho)

The next Mead Bar event at “Bar Fujiro” in Kayaba-cho, featuring ARCANUM from the newborn Tokyo meadery “Wicked Way Mead”.

There are Japanese mead rising up gradually. This time I’d like to introduce some of them as well as the standard kinds of mead from abroad.


  • September 28 (Sat)
  • Open 19:00 – 23:00


“Bar Fujiro”
Only a few minutes walk from Kayaba-cho station. Nihonbashi, Hachobori, or even Tokyo station is available by feet.

It’s an authentic hidden bar on the 4th floor of a Japanese dining “Fujiro”.
Please come in to the Yakitori dining on the 1st floor, and tell them that you came for the bar.

  • The only concern is, there is no elevetor in this building. Please do not drink too much and fall down the stairs…

How to Join

Reservation not required, but recommended to keep your seat if you come with several friends.

Please let us know that you are interested to push the button on the facebook event page. That will help us to expect the number of guests and bottles to be ready.

Cover charge 1,000 yen, approx. 1,000 – 1,500 yen for each glass.

Special Offer

ARCANUM has been under limited sales until now and public sales will begin from October.

You can purchase a bottle of ARCANUM from Wicked Way Mead with pre-payment, and have your bottle delivered to you at the Mead Bar event 09/28. Please email to order.



Unlike other kinds of mead. Arcanum is recommended to drink as a cocktail, too. This time we prepare some mead based cocktails.

Other than Arcanum, we offer various mead from abroad and Japan.


Straight or cocktails

  • Goldencomb
  • The bees smoke back
  • Shiso Meadhito
  • The enchantment
  • The honey trap
  • Chrysanthemum with Arcanum
  • The bees knees

Heidrun Sparkling Mead – 
California Eucalyptus Blossom



Chaucer’s Mead

Maxwell Spiced Mead

Półtorak Jadwiga



The regular menu of Bar Fujiro is also available. They offer a variety from mixed nuts to canape.


There is a Yakitori dining on the 1st floor, dinner course on the 2nd floor in the same building. If you’d like to have dinner at the nearest place, they are available for you.